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    Belgium offers lowest returns on one-year accounts in Eurozone

    The average return on a one-year account is the lowest in the Eurozone at 0.22%, according to data made public by the National Bank of Spain and based on information collected from other central banks in the 19 Eurozone countries. In 2014, Belgium came last after Luxemburg (0.31%), Estonia (0.35%), Austria (0.44%) %) and Lithuania (0.45%).

    The highest interest rates are to be found in Cyprus (2.67%), Slovakia (2.12%), the Netherlands (1.82%), Greece (1.8%) and France (1.8%).

    The eurozone average is 1.04 %.

    Over the last 4 years Spain saw the sharpest decline in rates, with them falling from 2.97% to an average of 0.56%, a drop of 80%. The European average dropped by 63%, compared to Belgium’s 70%.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)