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    Touring and VAB expect a lot of traffic over the Easter weekend


    Belgian roads leading to ski resorts will be busy over the Easter weekend. To avoid traffic jams, the travel organisations Touring and VAB suggest leaving on Friday or Saturday morning. The other weekends during the Easter holidays should be calmer. Easter weekend coincides with the Easter holidays this year. A lot of Germans, Swiss and Austrians will also be on holiday during this time. Snow is also expected in the Alps during Easter weekend. Touring and VAB recommend holiday makers heading to the region use winter tyres and chains.

    In Belgium, traffic heading towards the Alps (E411 towards Luxemburg) and the coast (E40 Brussels-Ostende) will be dense of Friday and Saturday. In France, traffic jams are mainly expected around Paris and the Alps. In Germany, traffic jams are mainly expected in the south, around Munich, Karlsruhe and Reutte. In Switzerland, traffic jams are expected next Saturday around the Saint-Gothard tunnel. In Austria, traffic will be concentrated around the Tyrol, near Salzburg and Vorarlberg.

    On Easter Monday, traffic will be heading the other way. During the weekend of the 11th and 12th of April, there might be a few problems abroad before the big departure. Finally, Sunday the 19th of April will be a busy day, with people returning from the mountains and the Ardennes. Elsewhere in Europe, the end of the Easter holidays should be calmer.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga