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    The tax department is doing less, but more efficient, checks


    In 2014, the tax department performed fewer checks on companies, but recovered half a billion euros more than in 2013, L’Echo said on Thursday. The tax department checked 243,000 companies, and 69,000 of them were found to be at fault. The tax department found around 2.9 billion euros of undeclared revenue in their accounts. That’s nearly 500 million euros more than in 2013, despite many more checks that year, says L’Echo.

    Last year, 2.3 million Belgians were checked, and 500,000 had handed in incorrect declarations. Thanks to these checks, the tax department recovered 3.3 billion euros in tax. This was around 6,700 euros per tax payer at fault, the paper says.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)