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    SNCB: acts of vandalism peaked in 2014


    The number of acts of vandalism involving SNCB trains went up last year, to 2,546. That’s nearly seven a day. This is a new record, the Sudpresse papers said on Tuesday. The 2014 increase is mainly due to the increase in graffiti (2,175). “This increase is mainly due to Désiro trains being put in service. Taggers often target new equipment”, says an SNCB spokesman.

    The company also recorded an increase in people throwing stones at their trains: 203 incidents, 22 more than the year before, which hit an historic low (181 incidents).

    On the other hand, the theft of emergency hammers continues to fall. There were 206 cases in 2009, but jut 32 in 2014.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)