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    At least 75 homeless people died on streets in 2014


    46 homeless people died in 2014 in Brussels, 27 in Liege, 1 in Charleroi, and 1 in Namur, reveal newspapers from the Sudpresse group on Wednesday. “These homeless people did not necessarily die in the streets. Many spent their last few hours in special centres or at the hospital,” explains the Liege alderwoman in charge of cemeteries, Julie Fernandez Fernandez.

    In Brussels, a group called “Dead on the street” counted 46 deaths of homeless people in 2014. “Added to all the ones we do not hear about,” they add.

    Most of these homeless deaths are linked to health issues, issues with alcohol, or drugs. But not all these deaths are registered: “There are many more deaths of homeless people than the ones we hear of through the press. People overdose or get fatally ill, it is more common than you think,” explains a field organisation.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)