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    ICDI – new energy recovery unit permit granted in Charleroi


    ICDI (inter-city waste collection organisation for the Charleroi region) assessed its 2014 activities on Wednesday, and announced they benefited from the only permit granted to build a new energy recovery unit in Pont-de-Loup, at Aisleau-Presles. ICDI president Françoise Daspremont revealed that this one-off permit had just been signed by the environment minister. It can still be appealed, giving the minister 6 months to respond.

    The ICDI project should deal with a maximum of 110,000 tons of waste and cost 60 million euros.

    The inter-city organisation also assessed its 2014 waste treatment, in the 14 communities involved where it is in charge of prevention, collection, and recycling. ICDI collected 176 kilos of household waste per person, 35 kilos of paper and cardboard, and 19 kilos of glass, as well as 14 kilos of plastic, metal, and cans.

    The managing director of ICDI also highlighted that each citizen recycled 64% of their waste, an increase of 3.4% on 2013. The recycling plant processed 105,485 tons of waste in 2014, including 7,000 tons of ‘untreatables’ which had to be dealt with externally.

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)