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    Driving licence ban: Walloons are less severely punished

    Fewer driving licences are confiscated in the South. The severity of punishments and the fine that accompanies them are also lower in Wallonia, Le Soir and the Sudpresse papers reported on Thursday. A recent IBSR report on medical and psychological exam practises in case of a driving ban also show a difference between Flemish and Walloon drivers.

    The study, done in 2012, shows that the sentences handed out in the South are less severe than those in the North. In Wallonia, the average fine for drink-driving was 809 euros, compared to 1,514 euros in Flanders. The average length of a driving ban is also different: less than 3 months in Wallonia, and 3 and a half months in Flanders.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)