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    Belgian airspace closed due to a power cut


    Belgian airspace has been closed since 9.45 on Wednesday, due to a power cut at Belgocontrol, Belgocontrol and Brussels Airport have revealed. This confirms information given out by VTM. For the moment, no flights can take off or land in Belgium. “Air traffic that was already in the direct vicinity on the airport was able to land. We then operated a “clear the sky” policy”, explains Dominique Dehaene, spokesperson for Belgocontrol. That means that all air traffic flying below 24,500 feet was told to leave Belgian airspace until the problem was resolved. On Wednesday morning, they still didn’t know when that would be the case.

    “No airplanes can take off or land at the moment”, says Anke Fransen, from Brussels Airport. “Flights will be diverted when possible, the others are waiting at altitude until they get authorisation to land”.  

    The airport has already reported a number of delays, but it is not yet known what real impact the power cut at Brussels Airport will have.

    Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)