French-speaking guest gives Namur Beer Festival international slant
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    French-speaking guest gives Namur Beer Festival international slant

    3 breweries will represent Quebec at the “Namur, beer and regional products capital ” festival, which is taking place on the Grognon site from Friday July 10th to Sunday July 12th, announced the organiser Namur-Events on Thursday. The Archibald, Le Grimoire, and Trou du Diable breweries will offer their products alongside some 25 Walloon breweries and brewery groups, 8 Flemish breweries, and 2 Dutch Trappist beer producers, for a total of over 150 beers on offer.

    Known at home as “micro-breweries”, Archibald and Trou du Diable have grown remarkably since they were created approximately 10 years ago. The former owns not just its production site, but also 4 restaurants, and employs a total of 450 people. It is well known for the packaging of some of its beers in 473ml can.

    As for Trou du Diable, this is not its first venture in Belgium, and especially in Brussels. The Shawinigan (near Trois-Rivières) brewery collaborated with La Senne brewery a few years ago to co-produce the Schieve Tabarnak. Namur-Events will head for Quebec to have a 400m2 stand at the Festibiere later this summer. This Belgium pavilion will offer approximately 12 Belgian beers, including Peket (a sort of gin) “because Quebec residents either do not know it or love it,” as well as Belgian food, explained Namur-Events’ Emilien Watelet.

    Beyond this international dimension, organisers of the Namur festival, which saw 13,000 visitors in 2014, reveal there will be “a wider range of food on offer and more music as well.” They are also scheduling a new seasonal version of their festival after the spring one they organised which focused on seasonal beers: a winter version promoting Christmas beers is expected for the end of 2015.

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)