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    Surge in speed checks: motorists adapting


    “We have definitely noticed there are fewer motorists driving over the speed limit. The recent increase in speed checks has clearly done its job,” pointed out Koen Ricour, Commissioner General of Federal Traffic Police, on Monday. He was commenting at midday on Monday on results obtained so far that day during a 24-hour operation to speed check motorists on the E40 near Heverlee. The patrol is due to end at 6.00am on Tuesday morning.

    This is the fourth campaign of this kind in eighteen months. The police chose the areas to patrol from a list of 60,000 zones designated by the public as speed hot spots in April 2014. “Every area was highlighted by the public as an area where motorists tended to go over the speed limit,” explained Commissioner Ricour from the Texaco filling station on the E40 near Louvain. 180 federal police officers, 80 more than during previous patrols, were involved in the 24-hour operation.

    The Louvain patrol comprised one van equipped with a speed camera, eight officers on motorcycles and one commando vehicle. 3Speeding motorists are caught on camera 2.5 km away and as they approach, are invited to pull into the car park where they are fined. Between 8.00am and 12.30pm, 20 motorists were pulled over.” One driver, who was flashed at 172km/h, had their driving licence suspended. Foreign drivers are required to pay the fine on the spot.

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)