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    30,000 refugees admitted to Belgium in 2015


    Belgium recognised and therefore admitted thirty thousand refugeed in 2015, according to Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, Theo Francken (N-VA), in the daily Het Laatste Nieuws this Tuesday. “On December 31st, asylum applications for 2015 will reach between 35,600 and 36,000”, he stated. “This represents a total of 47,000 and 48,000 asylum seekers, since under-18s arriving with their parents do not make an individual application for themselves”, he added.

    55% of these 48,000 refugees have been approved and there have been numerous cases of families being reunited. Recognising a total of 30,000 refugees is a “manageable figure”, according to the Secretary of State.

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)