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    The number of local food stores has fallen less than in 2015

    The number of local stores fell again last year, but less than in previous years. This was revealed by the Neutral Union of Independents (SNI), who used an Economy SPF database.

    Last year, the number of Butchers fell by 1.4%, the number of Bakers by 2%, the number of Grocers by 1.8%, and the number of Fishmongers by 0.7%. 49 Butchers, almost one a week, closed in 2015, along with 40 Bakers (1 every week and a half). Butchers and Fishmongers did better last year than in previous years.

    The SNI has noticed an increasing demand for authentic and artisanal products, which aren’t easily found in supermarkets. They are more often found in local food stores. “We have also noticed that local food stores adapt to times and trends more easily”.

    “Local food stores could make a comeback over the next few years, as the population is getting older and developing mobility problems”, a press release says. 

    Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)