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    A new law gives more work to private security companies


    Private security company employees could do preventative “sweepings” of sites for authorities and offer technical support to police. This was announced by the Home Affairs Minister Jan Jambon during a press conference on Saturday.

    Because of this new law, security guards could do preventative “sweepings” of buildings and land to look for spy equipment, weapons, drugs and explosives. It was adopted by the government after a first reading on Friday

    The Minister said they can’t look for evidence of crime or take part in personal searches.  The police could also use security companies for technical support, such as drones, vehicles or sniffer dogs.

    Private security company employees could make their services available to authorities, but the authorities would supervise. “ The police would act alone if there is any danger or violence involved”, Mr Jambon said. This project aims to lighten the police’s workload so they can concentrate on more important tasks.

    Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)