STIB offers hot-dogs to raise awareness of danger of blocking metro doors
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    STIB offers hot-dogs to raise awareness of danger of blocking metro doors

    © Belga
    The STIB offered hot-dogs for lunch to stress the risks of being trapped between the electronic train doors when they close.
    © Belga

    Do not end up in a sausage.” This is the message which the STIB wishes to get across with its new campaign, the object of which is raise awreness to passengers of the danger of blocking the metro doors. Every day, passengers in a rush run to get on the train when the electronic alarm has already sounded.

    Dangerous behaviour. The STIB wishes to avoid it at all cost, especially given that we know that at peak times there is a metro every two and a half minutes on main lines.

    To make the point humorously, without taking the excessive moral high ground, the public transport company distributed hot-dogs around midday today (Tuesday) at the metro station Gare Centrale.

    The Brussels Company for Public Transport states, “When the metro doors close, they exert significant pressure. Passengers then passing between them risk being injured if they become trapped. In addition, thin items (for example a handbag strap, the flap of a coat, a scarf or even a hand) are not always picked up by the control system closing the doors.”

    The company further states, “Passengers in a rush could consequently find that they are trapped, at risk of being dragged along and thereby injured when the train restarts.”

    In 2015, six incidents were reported on the network owing to passengers blocking the doors.

    The STIB stresses the inconvenience to all travellers on the particular train in terms of delay caused by such incidents.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times