AIS Art Auction Charity Gala raises 38.000 euros for UZA cancer research programme
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    AIS Art Auction Charity Gala raises 38.000 euros for UZA cancer research programme

    The AIS community recently brought together alumni and art loving friends for the AIS Charity Art Auction Gala to raise money for dendritic cell treatment. The 19 November event was held to raise funds for UZA’s (University Hospital of Antwerp) Centre for Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine (the CCRG – Centrum voor Celtherapie en Regeneratieve Geneeskunde) to support a relatively unknown but ground-breaking dendritic cell treatment and trial led by Professor Zwi Berneman.

    The gala succeeded in raising an impressive 38.000 euros for the cause. “Antwerp International School strongly believes in giving back to the local community, and this special charity project is an ideal way of contributing to society. We’ll be setting up more events next school year, in celebration of our 50th Anniversary,” said Andreas Koini, Head of AIS.

    The CCRG is a multidisciplinary platform for new types of cell and tissue therapy, and has been carrying out clinical studies for cancer patients since 2005. The CCRG has been researching new types of immunotherapy. One of these types is a vaccination containing dendritic cells: these cells have been manipulated to stimulate the patient’s immune system into attacking the cancer. The cells are isolated from the patient’s body, modified and reproduced through electroporation, and reinserted into the patient’s body.

    The concept has shown positive results in 43% of treated leukemia patients and relapses have been reduced by 25%. More details on the treatment can be found on the website, or that of UZA, Twenty-one talented international artists from the AIS community donated their work to the Charity Art Auction. Artists included the well-known Peter Engels and Gerard di Maccio. The Art Auction was run by Auctioneer Sidney Appelboom.

    The Brussels Times