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    The Flemish government sacks its Diversity councillor


    The Flemish government has sacked its Diversity councillor Alona Lyubayeva, a government source has revealed.

    Mrs Lyubayeva being sacked had been on the cards for a while as she had had a very negative review. Mrs Lyubayeva said she had been sacked for being too critical about the Equal Opportunities councillor Liesbeth Homans (New Flemish Alliance).

    A Morgen article says three colleagues contacted someone they trusted to express concern about her skills as a manager, and two of them were considering filing a complaint for harassment.

    Alona Lyubayeva was interviewed by the Flemish government on Friday morning, to speak about her negative review and imminent sacking. The meeting lasted for half an hour.

    The government still decided to sack her despite the meeting, several government sources have revealed.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)