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    Thousands of Mouscron residents say goodbye to Alfred Gadenne


    Thousands of Mouscron residents met on Place de Luingne (Mouscron) on Saturday morning for the funeral of Mouscron mayor Alfred Gadenne, who was killed on Monday. Many politicians were there to pay their respects, including Prime Minister Charles, the President of the cdH Benoît Lutgen and the President of the PS Elio Du Rupo.

    Place de Luingne was crammed full of people Saturday morning. Thousands gathered near the little St-Armand church in Luingne where Alfred Gadenne’s funeral was held. Although the autumn sun was shining, recollection and emotion was clear to see on the faces of the Mouscron residents, who were mourning the sudden death of their much-loved mayor.

    A Guard of honour made up of police and firemen greeted the deceased’s family and the attending local, regional and national politicians. Prime Minister Charles Michel made the journey to Luingne, along with the President of the cdH Benoît Lutgen, the Walloon Minister-President Willy Borsus, the mayor of Frasnes and Walloon MP Jean-Luc Crucke, the President of the PS Elio Du Rupo, Joëlle Milquet and the President of the Brussels-Wallonia Federation Rudy Demotte.

    “Alfred did much more then represent Mouscron, he incarnated it”, said an emotional Benoît Lutgen, President of Alfred Gadenne’s party the cdH. “He was a model politician, a great man has gone”, said former cdH Minister Joëlle Milquet.

    “I spoke to him on the phone on Monday. I didn’t understand what had happened. I still don’t”, said Jean-Luc Crucke, the Walloon budget Minister.

    “He was friends with everyone, he knew just about everyone”, said Michael Franceus, Mouscron’s first councillor.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)