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    Some 2,713 electric cars licensed in 2017

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Some 2,713 electric vehicles were licensed in Belgium in 2017. This represents a mere 0.5% of the almost 540,000 vehicles licensed in the country last year, according to data from Febiac, Belgium’s automobile and cycle federation. However, the electric vehicle market grew by 32% last year over 2016, when 2,055 electric cars were licensed. Tesla has over 40% of the market in Belgium, with 1,151 vehicles, followed by Nissan, with 420 vehicles, Renault Zoe (350), and BMW 13 (314).

    Hybrid vehicles, combining electricity and gas or diesel, had more success in 2017, with over 24,000 licenses in 2017. This was two-thirds more than in 2016.

    Vehicles using traditional fuel are still the overwhelming majority in Belgium. Gas-powered vehicles (263,693 new units) took back first place for the first time in years, while those running on diesel were close behind with 253,322 units. Together, gas and diesel vehicles accounted for close to 96% of new licenses in 2017.

    Licenses were also awarded to 2,487 vehicles that run on natural gas and 186 powered by liquified petroleum gas.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times