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    Some 3,750 volunteers rid Belgian beaches of 5.5 tons of waste

    Sunday, some 3,750 volunteers cleaned up Belgian beaches of 5.5 tons of waste during the Eneco Clean Beach Cup Action. Last year, 5.3 tons of waste had been collected. For every kilometer of beach, 3,000 pieces of waste were removed, mostly plastic waste, among which bottles and bags. Cans, fishing gear and cigarettes buts also pollute the seaside.

     “We shall continue to clean the beaches as long as necessary, but we are fed up, and we would like to deal with the root of the problem,” explained Sven Fransen, one of the event’s organizers.

    Among the notable volunteers was the Secretary of State in charge of the North Sea, Philippe de Backer (Open Vid). “Every year, I circle the date of the Eneco Clean Beach Cup in red on my calendar. Everyone must participate in the reduction of plastic waste, and clean up actions such as these help,” he declared.

    Ten coastal municipalities and 16 surf clubs participated in the 9th edition of this huge spring cleaning. 

    Andy Sanchez
    The Brussels Times