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    Belgian Pride 2018: focus upon local politics

    © Belga
    With the upcoming elections, the Belgian Pride festival is stressing the issue of respect for diversity in everyday life.
    © Belga

    The Belgian Pride festival will have the theme of “Your local power” this year. The festival, which will take place from the May 3rd to May 20th, will hold several activities over two weeks. There will, among other activities, be musical evenings, workshops, guided tours and entertainment, which will tackle local politics. The Pride Parade will take place on May 19th in Brussels.

    The Belgian Pride festival will make the most of the proximity of the municipal elections as an opportunity to raise the issue of respect for diversity in everyday life. Moreover, the three large Belgian LGBT associations RainbowHouse Brussels, Rainbow Wallonia and Çavaria are set to question future local council candidates on this subject.

    The organisations indicate, “We are seeking to stress people’s right to live freely within their district, commune and town or city. They should be allowed to feel natural and at home when out in public. They should be allowed to hold hands with the individual they love and smile at them in broad daylight. Their personal life plays out in public arenas, as well as in their actual private life.”

    The three organisations go on, “With the upcoming municipal elections, youngsters, the over 50s, families, couples and individuals of all genders are asking local politicians the question: ‘What will you do to improve the daily lives of our diverse population?’”

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times