Eleven new radars to be installed on roads in Wallonia

Eleven new radars to be installed on roads in Wallonia

Eleven new radar units will be installed in Wallonia’s regional road network, the minister in charge of road safety, Carlo Di Antonio, announced on Monday in a press release. After consulting the region’s police zones, which sent him various proposals, the minister approved the installation of 10 radar units in the communes of Wavre, Bastogne, Bertogne and Léglise, as well as a traffic-light radar – which monitors both speed and compliance with the traffic lights - in Gerpinnes.

While Wallonia will pay for the installation of the units, as part of its policy of curbing excessive speeding on the region’s roads, it will now be up to the police to equip them with speed meters on a revolving basis.

The new radar units will be installed on the N40, N84, N826, N238, N4, N268, N239 and N5 roads.

The idea is to warn road users that they risk being monitored at these points, which are sensitive areas as regards road safety. “The aim is not to surprise users with these checks but to make the areas safe,” Di Antonio said.

In 2016, an additional 360 radars were installed along Wallonia’s roads. “However, this number had to be revised upward given the new installations made in the past two years,” the minister’s office explained.

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