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    Driest June for 40 years


    June 2018 was the driest June since 1976, with 15.8 millimetres of rainfall in Uccle. There was 12 millimetres of rainfall in 1976, making it the driest since records began according to David Dehenauw from the Royal Meteorological Institute. 

    Just two Junes have been drier than June 2018 since 1833: 1976 and 1868 (12 millimetres of rainfall both years). 

    With an average temperature of 17.8 degrees, June 2018 has seen above average (16.2 degrees) but no record temperatures. The average temperature in June 2003 was 19.3 degrees, making it the hottest June in recent years. 

    Maria Novak
    The Brussels Times