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    One dead during attempted robbery of jeweler’s shop in Gent

    We learned from a reliable source that a suspect died during an attempted robbery of a jeweler’s shop in Oostakker, Gent city area, midday Saturday. The Gent section of the East Flanders’s prosecutor’s department confirms the information. The police are looking for another suspect, and is investing substantial means in this direction, including by helicopter.

    The attempted robbery took place midday, targeting Moens Jewelry Store, on the Bredestraat. Two suspects entered the store. The circumstances of the established facts are not yet clear, but gun shots were fired, maybe by the jeweler.

    According to the initial information released by the prosecutor’s department, one of the suspects was hit by the shots. Then the assailants fled on a motorbike. During that escape, one fell from the bike and died on the street.

    Maria Novak
    The Brussels Times