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    “60% of Ryanair flights cancelled in Charleroi”

    © Belga
    The staff demands include having contracts subject to the national law of given employees’ respective countries.
    © Belga

    The Permanent Secretary of the CNE, which protects the interests of French-speaking employees and managers in Brussels and Wallonia, Yves Lambot, spoke of the impact of the strikes on Wednesday. “60% of Ryanair flights have been cancelled for Wednesday, a figure which will also apply on Thursday.”

    Mr Lambot further explained, “The mobilisation of staff for the strike is high. Staff on strike are distributing leaflets explaining our movement to passengers.” At Brussels Airport, 80% of Ryanair workers are on strike and the majority of flights have been cancelled.

    Ryanair staff in Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Italy are on strike on Wednesday. Staff are demanding better working conditions (pay, safety, working hours and other employment facets) and compliance with national employment legislation. Amongst their main demands are being able to sign employment contracts that are subject to the national law of their respective countries, rather than the Republic of Ireland, and also compliance with legislation on working conditions for such countries.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times