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    DNA analysis confirms that the wolf August is male

    © Belga
    August was first seen in Norden, in the north-west of Germany. There one sheep had been killed.
    © Belga

    The wolf August, the second wolf observed in Belgium this summer after Naya, is male. The finding arises from DNA analysis.

    Moreover, the investigation indicated that August had killed three sheep in Bourg-Léopold. The information, from VRT NWS, was confirmed to Belga by the Institute for the Countryside and Forests.

    Video images capture that the second wolf had already travelled for several weeks with Naya. DNA analysis demonstrated that the former was male.

    We do not know for sure where this wolf is from as the point cannot be established using DNA analysis. August was initially sighted in the town of Norden, in the north-west of Germany, where one sheep had been killed. A DNA sample had been taken from the wolf. The wolf then arrived in Belgium on August 3rd – hence his name – coming via the Netherlands.

    The sheep killed in Bourg-Léopold appeared to have died chiefly as a result of the deeds of August. Equally Naya, in all likelihood, killed several sheep.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times