Increase in fuel price costs diesel drivers €450 more per year
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    Increase in fuel price costs diesel drivers €450 more per year

    The price changes follow on from international market quotation fluctuations in oil products and/or the bio-components they contain. Credit: Belga

    Drivers running diesel vehicles nowadays spend on average of €448 more (for an annual consumption of 860 litres) than in January 2016. The Flemish Mobility Organisation (known as “VAB”) indicates, on Tuesday, that the cause is the increase in the price of fuel. Petrol enthusiasts, who generally drive fewer kilometres, with an average annual consumption of 685 litres, are spending €171 more than in 2016.

    VAB says that the difference between the maximum price of petrol and diesel reached 8.1 cents per euro in favour of petrol on Tuesday.

    The organisation sought the opinion of 2,000 inhabitants from the north of the country. It emerges from the survey that 84% of drivers say that they are prepared to take steps to reduce their fuel bill. Those with a company car are also aware of the increase in fuel prices, but only 59% of such drivers are contemplating reacting accordingly to it.

    Amongst the steps envisaged, opting for a filling station offering more advantageous prices to the consumer tops the list (37%), adapting one’s means of driving to the current economic circumstances takes second position (32%) and not using the car more often is in third place (29%). Lastly, 27% of those surveyed are contemplating using their bicycle more frequently.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times