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    Yellow Vests announce new protest outside AB InBev in Louvain

    © Belga
    © Belga

    The Yellow Vests (Gilets Jaunes) have announced that they will demonstrate again on Saturday outside the gate of the AB InBev Brewery in Louvain. The group made the announcement on Friday.

    A group of militants dressed in the famous yellow road-safety vests had already protested outside the brewery in mid-December. Unlike the stance the Yellow Vests took during protests outside the AB InBev plant in Jupille, the demonstrators allowed delivery trucks access to the site.

    In a Facebook message, the Louvain Yellow Vests called on the Government to “look for the money where it is”. “We’re fed up of the savings made on our backs, with the index hikes, the increase in the retirement age …, while the multinationals receive gift after gift,” they said.

    “We’re fed up with seeing our buying power suffer because of the skyrocketing prices of diesel, electricity etc.,” the Louvain Yellow Vests added. “There are enough riches to take on society’s various challenges, but our Government is not going to look for these riches where they are.”

    Andy Sanchez
    The Brussels Times