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    Three out of four returning fighters no longer pose a threat

    © Belga
    Van Tigchelt believes that the greatest terror threat is those radicalized through far-right propaganda, rather than simply jihadism, who have themselves never left Belgium.
    © Belga

    Out of 100 foreign fighters who have returned to Belgium from Syria, the Organ for Coordination of Threat Analysis (known as “OCAM”) believes that only one quarter still present a serious terrorist threat. The finding is reported in the daily Het Laatste Nieuws on Tuesday.

    According to the Director of OCAM, Paul Van Tigchelt, there is currently a higher risk amongst those who have become radicalized who have never left Belgium, and who have often not had contact with a terrorist group. “These people have psychological or other problems and allow themselves to be easily influenced by propaganda – and not only jihadist propaganda. In many countries, we also see these people being hijacked by far right ideology.”

    In Belgium the far right does not, strictly speaking, present a terror threat, but “…we must take account of the risk of unrest. The breeding ground for that is already present,” says Mr Van Tigchelt. For example, he notes the similarities between the far right group, Schild & Vrienden, revealed last year in a report, and the practices of the jihadist organization, Sharia4Belgium.

    Christopher Vincent 
    The Brussels Times