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    38 administrative arrests during a Gilets Jaunes protest in Mons

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Mons police made 38 administrative arrests after there were disturbances during a Gilets Jaunes protest in Mons on Saturday. The residence of Socialist party president Elio Di Rupo was targeted. 

    Around 100 Gilets Jaunes protested in the centre of Mons on Saturday. Things started to get tense, so Mons police made some arrests. 

    Mons police confirmed there were 38 administrative arrests. “The protest took place without authorisation and protesters blocked public roads without permission”, says Marc Garin, chief-inspector for Mons-Quévy police. “We weren’t expecting any trouble at the start, but some protesters were clearly out to provoke us”. 

    Mons police received back-up from Federal police. “Police cornered the protesters in a street and officers made 38 administrative arrests following some disturbances. Firecrackers were placed in Elio Di Rupo’s letterbox, which caused some damage. Those placed under arrest were takin into custody for a few hours. Everything had calmed down by the end of Saturday”. 

    Jason Bennett
    The Brussels Times