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    2,000 canaries free to go to Pairi Daiza

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Some 2,000 canaries sent to Israel earlier this month before being returned to Belgium, will leave in a few days for Pairi Daiza, the Agency for Food Chain Safety (AFSCA) said Friday. RTBF reported the story of this Flemish breeder who shipped 2,020 canaries and parakeets to Israel, earlier in February. Israeli customs authorities, however, finding anomalies in the registration of certain birds, redirected them back to Belgium where they have finally arrived in Liege Airport. 

    When animals arrive from a foreign country, they must be quarantined because of risks of disease generation while in transit. But the six shelters designed to accommodate birds in these conditions were all full at the arrival of the 2,000 canaries. 

    Minister Denis Ducarme was concerned about the birds’ fate, and Pairi Daiza offered to host the birds. An AFSCA inspector visited Friday the Brugelette wildlife park to ensure that the site could accommodate the canaries with all precautions related to their quarantine status. “The report by our inspector is positive,” the Agency’s spokesperson announced late Friday afternoon. 

    AFSCA could not yet say exactly when the animals would arrive in the park, nor if their stay in Pairi Daiza would go beyond the quarantine period, or if the Flemish owner plans to retrieve them.

    The Brussels Times