Hottest 25 February ever recorded (in Uccle)

Hottest 25 February ever recorded (in Uccle)
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Monday is the hottest 25th of February since the Royal Meteorological Institute first began recording temperatures in the Uccle region of Brussels in 1901, reaching a record 18,8°C at the hottest point.  The previous record, 15.4°, was set in 1964, according to meteorologist David Dehenauw.

On Tuesday, the existing record for a 26th of February, 15.7° C in 1922, could well be smashed since the forecast is 17° to 18°. The trend looks likely to continue on Wednesday – previous record 17.3° in 1959 – although that is less certain.

The barometer started shooting up 10 days ago, when 18,1° was registered in Uccle, bettering the 15 February 1998 record of 17.2° by over a degree.

The highest temperature registered in Uccle in the month of February was 18.7°, recorded on 28 February 1960. 

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