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    Victims of terrorism take to the streets on Monday next

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Victims of the 22 March 2016 and Brabant killings will demonstrate jointly in Brussels on Monday 11 March, according to the V-Europe Association for the Victims of Terrorism. The demonstration, which will be held on the European Day for Victims of Terrorism, is aimed at pressing the authorities to improve the organisation of assistance to terror victims

    The protesters will spread a long blanket, symbol of protection and comfort, at the Parc du Cinquantenaire from 4 p.m. From Merode, they will go towards Schuman to converge on the Memorial to the victims of terrorist acts in Belgium and abroad. A wreath will be laid, followed by various speeches.

    Personalities addressing the event will include V-Europe’s Philippe Vansteenkiste and David Van de Steen, one of the victims of the Brabant killers. The latter are not recognised by the State as victims of terrorist acts.

    “Things have been put in place politically, but responsibility is so dispersed that progress has been slow, despite the goodwill,” Vansteenkiste said. “Administratively, the situation is very tough” for the victims, he explained, adding that “insurance companies are too involved” in the indemnity process whereas they “draw up the medical reports on an economic basis.”

    The association’s demands include the creation of a single window, a guarantee fund, a harmonised system across the board, including inheritance rights and psychological monitoring, and support for victims’ associations.

    V-Europe sends the people it supports to France or the United States, where they are able to benefit from clinical follow-up, unlike in Belgium. It allocates 1,000 euros per person requiring psycho-social therapy.

    Jason Bennett
    The Brussels Times