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    Global climate strike kicks off in Belgium

    © Belga
    © Belga

    The march for the global climate strike will start in Brussels at 13:30 at Gare du Nord, moving in the directions of Gare du Midi. Following an international call launched by Greta Thunberg, climate strikes are being held in more than 80 countries around the world on Friday

    In Belgium, Citizens for Climate, Students for Climate, Workers for Climate, Teachers for Climate and Rise for Climate have planned strikes in more than 21 cities across the country. Unions have also expressed support for the cause, but have not filed general strike notices, according to reports. 

    “We, workers, want a viable planet and a future for our children and grandchildren,” says the Confederation of Christian Trade Unions. The General Federation of Belgian Labour for its part announces “massive support” for the climate strike and its president, Robert Vertenueil, will be on strike himself. 

    “We ask all students and all those who wish, to come join us to show that we will not let go of the case,” the Facebook event Youth for climate and Students for climate said. 

    The Brussels Times