Explosion in Northern Antwerp

Explosion in Northern Antwerp

Five cars were damaged in Antwerp in the early hours of Monday morning after a device exploded under car, according to reports. The blast took place on De Pretstraat near Spoor Noord Park in Antwerp at around 4:00 am.

Firefighters had to intervene due to a fuel leak on one of the damaged cars, law enforcement officials said. The damage to the surroundings was limited. 

The police also discovered a second explosive device on the scene, which was destroyed in a controlled explosion.

The security perimeter should be gradually reduced, but De Pretstraat remains closed to traffic.

Three unexploded grenades were discovered last Friday in the same neighbourhood. A couple of weeks ago, several cars were also heavily damaged by explosions, probably caused by grenades thrown under the vehicles.

Several arrests have been made related to incidents, but the prosecution declined to comment on the matter.

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