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    Army drug tests caught 100 candidate soldiers


    The Belgian army has rejected almost 100 candidates due to evident traces of drugs found in their urine. The news comes from new figures released by defence minister Didier Reynders (MR) which show that nearly 100 candidate soldiers were found to be “unfit” for a job with the Belgian army last year because drugs were found in their urine during the selection tests.

    Those who want to work in the army must take a drug test in addition to an extensive list of physical tests. The Belgian army has a strict zero tolerance for drug use.

    A positive drug test is not an instant rejection. After a minimum period of three months, a candidate soldier can re-register for a selection procedure, including a new drug test.

    The majority of those caught were men, with ten women reported.

    Two years ago, during similar selection tests, only 61 candidate soldiers were caught on recent drug use. This increase is, in part, likely due to more candidates participating in selection tests in 2018, said the defence ministry.

    “It is possible that not all participants realised that some drugs are perfectly detectable for several weeks after use,” an army officer told Het Nieuwsblad.

    The Brussels Times