Airport security staff threaten to go on strike

Airport security staff threaten to go on strike

Security staff and guards could take strike action at Belgium’s airports from Saturday, the start of the Easter holidays, their labour federation, FGTB, warned on Monday. The workers are calling for salaries more in keeping with their workloads and the atypical schedules they are subjected to, according to the FGTB (Fédération général du Travail de Belgique). Among other things, they want more pay for Saturday, Sunday and night work and higher call-back allowances.

Strike notice served one month ago by the unions in the airport security sector expires on Friday.

The management of companies that operate in the sector, mainly Securitas and Group 4, made proposals last week, particularly regarding staff in charge of the safety of passengers and luggage, but these do not go far enough, according to Mathieu London of the FGTB

For now, union representatives in the various airports are independently organising the actions that could be taken on Saturday.

However, unions and management are scheduled to meet on Thursday. Much will depend on any new proposals that management might come up with, and the unions’ responses to them.

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