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    Brussels train traffic expected to return to normal on Thursday

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    If all goes well, train traffic around Brussels will return to normal on Thursday morning, according to the national railway company of Belgium (NMBS/SNCB) and Infrabel. On Wednesday the number of trains running in Brussels was reduced again after a fire broke out in the north of Brussels on Tuesday morning. Earlier in the day, SNCB announced that it wanted to run fifteen P-trains during the evening rush hour, and that it would be adding some extra stops to the inter-city IC-trains.

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    The evening rush hour is proceeding without issue, with the adapted transport plan, according to Infrabel and SNCB. “We are systematically building up. A few trains, such as the IC trains to Antwerp, are not yet running,” said SNCB spokesman Bart Crols.

    Infrabel maintains that the repair work is on schedule. “We still need all day and all night to carry out the necessary repairs and inspections, but these are normally completed by Thursday morning,” says Infrabel spokesman Frédéric Petit.

    Jules Johnston
    The Brussels Times