Auto insurance no longer needed for private e-scooters

Auto insurance no longer needed for private e-scooters

Auto insurance is no longer required for private electric scooters, starting on Saturday, according to Assuralia, the professional union of insurance companies.

A non-compulsory family insurance will be enough to cover any risks linked to their use.

A new law governing the use of self-propelling devices comes into effect on June 1, according to Assuralia spokesman Wauthier Robyns. It does not cover shared electric scooters available in many cities: the renter’s insurance kicks in in the event of a problem.

Until now, people riding their own electric scooters were obliged to take out an auto insurance to cover the risk of third-party damages. Now, a family insurance that is not compulsory covers the risk of the use of the scooters and other electric self-propelling devices such as skateboards, electric wheelchairs, single-wheelers, Segways of hoverboards, provided they do not exceed 25 km/hr.

The insurance is aimed at covering damages caused to third parties by users of such devices, but not injuries suffered by the rider, Robyns said.

About 90% of the population is covered by this type of family insurance, which protects all members of a given household. The premium, which costs about 80 euros, does not increase according to the number of children in the household, Robyns explained. Some companies even offer reductions for isolated persons, he added.

According to the Assuralia spokesman, the damages caused by an accident amount, on average, to about 3,000 euros and, for accidents with injuries, to an average of 17, 000 euros.

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