Animals spotted crossing Brussels ring road 'eco bridge'

Animals spotted crossing Brussels ring road 'eco bridge'
Credit: werkenaandering

An ecoduct (a wildlife crossing point) built across the Brussels ring road is proving to be a success after camera footage has confirmed it is being used by animals.

Camera images show that deer, foxes and other animals crossing the bridge over the Brussels Ring road - which cuts through the middle of the Sonian forest habitat, reports Bruzz.

Thanks to the ecoduct - inaugurated at the beginning of June last year - animals can make contact with other species on the other side of the Ring and expand their habitat, breed, and increase their chance of survival.

There are currently no exact statistics on the number of animals using the bridge, but cameras along the sides have been used to detect movements of large and small animals.

Deer, foxes, amphibians and insects use the sixty-meter bridge to cross, which is covered in tree trunks, logs and small ponds in order to form its own biotope.

The ecoduct cost a total of 6 million euros, part of which was financed by the European Union.

Jules Johnston

Brussels Times

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