Brussels fire service called to capture a 'weird animal'

Brussels fire service called to capture a 'weird animal'
The fire service thought the animal could have been an iguana, but others say a bearded dragon. Credit: Eric Kilby/Flickr / Maxpixel

The Brussels fire service was called out on Sunday afternoon for an unusual appeal after a citizen had seen "a weird animal" in a park in Schaarbeek.

"It doesn't happen very often that we have to go out for this type of animal", a spokesman for the Brussels fire service told RTL Info, "it sometimes happens to snakes or birds, but this..."

The animal in question turned out to be a reptile of about 40 centimetres, but of what sort seems to remain up for debate.  "It is a kind of Iguana," said the spokesman, while other media outlets have suggested it could have been a bearded dragon.

"He was walking in the park. We were able to catch it in a box."

The owner of the reptile is not known, but it is presumed that the animal was left in the park.

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