'A Belgian majority government is possible before November'

'A Belgian majority government is possible before November'
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Prime Minister Charles Michel does not despair that a federal government could be in place before Didier Reynders leaves for the European Commission, on 1 November, or before his own departure for the European Council on 1 December.

"What I personally hope for our country’s future is that a government with a parliamentary majority forms as soon as possible. I do not believe it is impossible to get there before 1 November," he said during a discussion with the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Until then, the ministers concerned will always be in government. The replacement of Reynders, if necessary, will be made after the European Parliament vote on the composition of the new European Commission.

The head of the CD&V Group – Flemish Christian Democrats - Servais Verherstraeten launched another call for real political dialogue between the parties capable of forming a government coalition. "The elections took place three months ago; the holidays are over. Let’s end the campaign and start talking," he said.

On Wednesday evening, the royal informers Didier Reynders and Johan Vande Lanotte, united the seven parties still vying for a federal government formation: PS, MR, the N-VA , the Open VLD, CD&V, sp.a and Groen.

Another meeting will be held before submitting their report to the King on 9 September.

Despite Groen’s open readiness, the Flemish Green party will not be invited to this meeting. Why? It seems that the game of exclusives eliminates Groen.

The Greens have tied their fate to the Federal, and Ecolo refuses any discussion with N-VA. In addition, some other parties around the table do not want the Greens.

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