26-year-old Belgian missing more than a week in Canadian woods
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    26-year-old Belgian missing more than a week in Canadian woods

    A 26-year-old Belgian man from Saint-Ghislain in Hainaut province has been reported missing in the wilds of Canada or Alaska. Romain Quénéhen is travelling alone, and has not been heard of since 26 August.

    Romain (pictured) is an experienced trekker, and has successfully completed other expeditions. Clothing and a kayak belonging to him have been found, but no sign of Romain himself. His rental vehicle was found by police called to the scene.

    Friends and family issued a request online for information, posting photos of him, hos dog and his vehicle number plate. The request was issued “Mostly to Alaska/British Columbia hiking communities”.

    Romain left the municipality of Kitimat on the north coast of British Columbia on 26 August, heading for Alaska. His sister Elodie explained on Facebook: “On the 28th a packraft similar to his was found by another hiker. The police started investigating and found his rental car on a separate spot. We don’t know where those were found. We only have contacts with the Belgian police so far. Have you seen Romain or his stuff? Thanks for any input.”

    The Belgian foreign affairs ministry has confirmed reports of the disappearance, and said in a statement they were following the case closely.

    Romain took the decision to explore the wilds of the area in December last year, La Libre reports.

    I’ve lived through a lot of things, and now I believe I’ve found what it takes to be happy,” he wrote in March, three months into his expedition. “A tranquil and retiring life, he chance to be useful to others for whom we can do good and who aren’t using to having good done for them, work that has a chance of being useful, and rest, nature, books, music – these are my idea of happiness.”

    Alan Hope
    The Brussels Times