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    Flanders will review plan to protect wolves after death of Naya

    Footage recorded of Naya the wolf. Credit: Belga

    Following the death of the she-wolf Naya, the Flemish minister of the environment Zuhal Demir (N-VA) promised a review and eventual adaptation of the Flemish “wolf plan” in front of regional members on Wednesday.

    Replying to a question from Mieke Schauvliege (Green), the minister confirmed the findings of the Natuur en Bos (nature and forests) Agency Inspectorate, according to which the female wolf that had settled in the Flemish territory was deliberately killed, doubtless by professionals. A baited length of cord was in fact found on her territory and two hunters with loaded weapons were taken by surprise there.

    The regional “wolf plan” will be assessed and “adapted if necessary” along with others when it comes to the protection of wolves, the minister stated.

    The Brussels Times