Mechelen city center becomes one large cycling zone

Mechelen city center becomes one large cycling zone
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As of today, the entire inner city of Mechelen is a large cycling zone.

Mechelen is the first city in Belgium to set up a zone of this size – good for a total of thirty kilometers.

This means that all 179 streets within the ring road are now a bicycle street. Motorists are not allowed to overtake cyclists in these streets.

“The car remains welcome in Mechelen,” says the city council at the launch. “This measure does not change the accessibility by car. But there are more and more cyclists in the city. Thanks to the bicycle zone, we let them determine the pulse of the traffic. This will improve safety.”

With the measure – following the example of Courtrai – the city not only wants to increase the safety and comfort of cyclists. It hopes that the installation of the bicycle zone will tempt even more people to take the bicycle.

Signs have been placed on all approach roads to indicate the cycling zone. On the road, the city has applied large road markings and above streets there are also banners. In this zone, it is forbidden for any motorized vehicle to overtake cyclists.

Two-wheelers are allowed to overtake cars on the left side and even on the right side when the car is stationary. Cyclists are expected to use the entire lane.

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