About 20% of ‘priority’ letters still arrive late in Belgium
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    About 20% of ‘priority’ letters still arrive late in Belgium

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    Close to 20% of letters bearing priority stamps arrive too late in their addressees’ letterboxes, according to an experiment conducted by VRT’s De Inspecteur radio programme.

    A total of 200 letters were sent on Sunday from 18 different locations, half of them with priority stamps. However, 18 of the priority letters reached their addressees too late, as did 14 of the non-priority ones, which is counter to Bpost’s marketing promises.

    After one working day, 82 of the 100 letters with priority stamps had arrived in the letterboxes to which they were addressed. After two days, there were eight more while no more had arrived after three working days.

    Of the 100 envelopes without priority stamps, 17 arrived in one working day, 41 in two, and 27 in three working days, the maximum timeline set by Bpost for delivering correspondence.

    This means that after four working days, 10 priority and 14 non-priority letters were still missing, a disappointing result for the postal company.

    “We’re not satisfied,” Bpost spokeswoman Barbara Van Speybroeck admitted. “We try every day to deliver the letters on time, but we can never guarantee that 100%. If something goes wrong at the start of the chain, it has a snowball effect.”

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times