Wallonia to increase rewards for garbage-free communes

Wallonia to increase rewards for garbage-free communes
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The subsidies granted to Walloon local-government authorities for implementing zero-garbage policies is to be increased by 50 cents per inhabitant under new provisions billed to take effect on 1 January 2020, Walloon Environment Minister Céline Tellier said on Tuesday.

Tellier was speaking in Wallonia’s Parliament in response to questions from Liberal parliamentarians Hervé Cornillie and Philippe Dodrimont, mainly about the use of reusable cups, an increasingly common practice as the 2021 deadline set by a European directive banning single-use plastics approaches.

"The purchase and rental of reusable cups have been largely subsidised by Wallonia and other public actors over the past few years,” the minister recalled, adding that “the Government will continue to support projects that offer alternatives to single-use plastic recipients.”

"From 1 January 2020, new provisions in the decree on Small Subsidies for Subordinate Administrations in the area of Waste Prevention and Management will allow subsidies for communes and intercommunal structures that adopt a zero-garbage approach” to be increased by 50 cents per capita, Tellier said. “If everyone moves ahead in the same direction, there will be more positive effects.”

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