Belgium will not be ready to stop using nuclear energy in 2025
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    Belgium will not be ready to stop using nuclear energy in 2025

    Tihange Nuclear Power Station is one of two nuclear energy production sites in Belgium. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

    “We will have to keep a few nuclear power plants open longer, on the condition that their safety can be guaranteed,” says Professor Jean-Pascal van Ypersele.

    He appeared on De Zonday on Sunday as part of the build-up to COP25.

    Van Ypersele thinks Belgium will not be ready to shut down its nuclear power stations in 2025. “We have wasted too much time. I’m not an advocate of nuclear energy, but the existing plants are the cheapest source of energy at the moment. I see others are suggesting gas-powered plants as a transition phase, but gas is a fossil fuel so it creates a lot of pollution.”

    The climatologist added he is “frustrated” about the Flemish government agreement (particularly over emission reductions) which he thinks is not ambitious enough. “I don’t understand the government. The consequences of global warming will be more serious for Flanders than for Wallonia, but we still do so little.” He also confirmed he is still interested in becoming president of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, probably in 2022.

    “I think the current president (South Korean Hoesung Lee) is not doing a good job. I reckon I could do better,” the climatologist explained.

    Sarah Johansson

    The Brussels Times