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    Belgium wants to help catch drug traffickers in Dubai

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    Belgian justice and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will work closely in tracking drug traffickers, several newspapers reported on Thursday. Belgium is particularly interested in a dozen traffickers from Antwerp, suspected of having invested millions in real estate in Dubai. 

    After the arrest this week in Dubai of Ridouan Taghi (41), named as one of the most wanted criminals in the Netherlands for alleged links on the drug scene, Belgian justice decided to strengthen its collaboration with the Emirate. 

    The federal prosecutor’s office wants to quickly conclude an agreement to facilitate the arrest and extradition of drug criminals. 

    “We observe that high-level criminal organizations related to drugs, but also to financial crime, hide in Dubai to place or invest their earnings,” Assistant US Attorney Eric Bisschop said. 

    Prosecutors and police are targeting ten Antwerp drug barons, some of whom are thought to be in Dubai, while others would travel back and forth between Belgium and the UAE. One of them, Othman E.B.(30), is known to the authorities for his involvement in cocaine trafficking.

    The Brussels Times