Samsung launches first 5G compatible smartphone in Belgium

Samsung launches first 5G compatible smartphone in Belgium
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Samsung will be the first major smartphone manufacturer to offer a 5G-compatible device in Belgium. The South Korean electronics giant presented several new high-end phones from its Galaxy S series on Tuesday.

In total, three smartphones were presented Tuesday evening in San Francisco: the S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra 5G. Samsung is thus making a leap between its latest S10 and these new models.

The South Korean giant intends to offer devices to cope with current and future uses, in perpetual evolution.

Prices are in line with high-end models: €899 for the S20, €999 for the version + and €1,349 or even €1,549 for the S20 Ultra (with respectively 128 GB or 512 GB of memory), available in stores from March 13.

This last version is the most powerful of all. In particular, it offers a screen refresh rate (number of images displayed on the screen per second) of 120 Hz, a first in Belgium, compared to 60 Hz up to now on all the brand's devices.

The camera, which has become the number one criterion for Samsung's top-of-the-range phone purchases, takes several photos and videos at the same time, using artificial intelligence, and the user can then choose the photo or clip that suits him best. The most expensive model in the S20 family features a 100x digital superzoom. The S20 is also capable of 8K filming.

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