Brussels students teargassed after 'jenever party' gets out of hand

Brussels students teargassed after 'jenever party' gets out of hand
Credit: Twitter/ SofieCoens

A student 'jenever party' party held in Brussels on Monday evening has made national headlines after police were forced to intervene with teargas.

The party - held in the Marolles district of Brussels by a Flemish student group - reportedly got out of hand after the owner decided to close down the event.

"Around 7 pm the owner of the party room decided to stop the party, much to the displeasure of the 340 students present", Ilse Van de Keere of the Brussels police told VRT. "There were complaints of noise nuisance but also from drunk students in the neighbourhood", says the spokesperson.

Tweets from the scene describe students being asked to leave the venue without their belongings, before being sprayed with teargas "for no reason." Police, however, have said the gas use was in response to the unrest among the group.

"We tried to calm down the students. But they kept resisting and even pelted several police officers with projectiles. In the end it was decided to use tear gas."

It is unknown at this time if any formal complaints have been filed.

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